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Our Video's
We have included some videos that we like or find relevant.

Top Video

This is a video of our teams installing Marcegaglias SM8 scaffolding at 200 meters above Doha.  


Who says you can't use system scaffolding on a 15 meter cantilever, 200 meters above the ground?

Bottom Video

Our objective has always been to optimise installation and dismantling times by minimising the amount of tube and fitting scaffolding used on any project.  We are still mindful that tube and fitting scaffolding and scaffolders are and will continue to be indispensable on any project.


Cuplock is commonly used and widely available and there are times when it makes financial sense to use Cuplock as the primary type of scaffolding on a project.


Our objective is always to provide our customers with the best access solution for their particular projects.


Doha World Trade Center


Working on a 14 meter cantilever scaffolding 200 meters off the ground with SM8 System Scaffolding

Marcegaglia SM8, Cuplock, Tube & Fitting Time Lapse Study


We produced a time lapse video comparing SM8 with Cuplock and Tube and fitting scaffolding to assist us with installation and dismantling statistics for estimating purposes.



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