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Scaffolding Services Qatar

Marcegaglia manufactures a range of modular scaffolding, facade scaffolding and event-Systems for grandstands and stages.  Marcegaglia is also a major manufacturer of tough European quality tube and coupler systems.  Marcegagia’s modular SM8 system is used extensively by Marcegaglia’s own site teams while the Realpont, heavy duty facade scaffolding system has been used extensively in Europe and the Middle East.  Marcegaglia is a trusted partner to many events companies where system quality, reliability and speed of installation and dismantling are critical to the success of large prestigious events projects.

Scaffolding for Civil Construction Qatar


Our engagement with our customers starts early on during design stage.  Our objectives are to keep the cost of access down by planning to have exactly the right amount of scaffolding installed on site at any one time.


Installation using either Marcegagia’s SM8 or Realpont scaffolding systems should be fast and safe.  Scaffolding should be strictly in accordance with design drawings in order to ensure that calculation reports are valid.


Scaffolding is inspected and signed off according to European standards with repeat inspections carried out at regular intervals according to European regulations and norms.

Scaffolding for Heavy Industry Qatar


The hydrocarbon processing, offshore, steel, aluminium and manufacturing industries have unique demands that are specific to each industry.  Demands that can be met through careful planning and strict compliance with health and safety requirements that are often unique to the industries we serve.


New Build


Marcegaglia is able to work with 3D CAD drawings to model scaffolding systems suitable for the construction of a new petrochemical plant or Aluminium smelter.




Shutdowns place heavy demands on the best prepared teams and equipment.  Marcegagia’s shutdown teams have had years of experience installing Marcegaglia scaffolding systems during both planned and unplanned maintenance programs.


Our systems include Marcegaglias quality Tube & Coupler Systems.



Scaffolding for Events Qatar


A successful event takes a lot of planning and complete dedication from our scaffolding teams to execute.  No slippage in time is possible.  Marcegaglia Gulf has built up a reputation for the on time delivery of grandstands and stages for some of the largest and most prestigious events in Qatar.


The world famous Cirque de Soleil, Aida Opera and Asian Cup hockey tournaments are some of the projects Marcegaglia Gulf has been involved in.  We install grandstands for music events during national holidays and provide stages, lighting and television towers.


Wither it is a large, international event or a small and intricate project, Marcegaglia Gulf will partner with you to ensure that your event is a success.

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