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Marcegaglia Gulf

Marcegaglia Gulf is a supplier contractor of scaffodling, formwork & shoring systems and electromechanisms including cradles, personnel.



Marcegaglia Gulf is involved in both the sale and rental of scaffolding and the provision of engineering and scaffolding services.  


Contracting Division

Marcegaglia's contracting division uses Marcegaglia's SM8 and tube and coupler system to complete scaffolding projects.  From provision of simple day to day access scaffolding to the demands of supplying access to major petrochemical plants and civil construction projects.​


Marcegaglia Gulf stocks and sells both Marcegaglia's scaffolding systems as well as quality scaffolding systems from our partner companies.  


Scaffolding supplied includes:


  • Galvanized mild steel

  • Aluminium systems

  • GRP, non conductive systems


Formwork & Shoring Systems

Marcegaglia Preform framed formwork and SMP8 Shoring systems have been used extensively in Europe.  The same high quality systems are now available in the Middle East.


Marcegaglia's SMP8 shoring tower system is rated up to 8 tonnes per post.


Our tough, hot dip galvanised formwork is connected using a wedge clamping system. and designed to withstand concrete pressures of 70kN per square meter.



The excellent flexibility of this modular system allows for the fast erection of complex casing units.  While it is possible to use steel planks for the casting boards, Marcegaglia supplies 18mm birch panels coated with 250 g/m2 phenol Coating, designed to withstand concrete pressures of 70kN per square meter.


SMP8 Shoring System

This tried and proven, flexible system is one of the leading, innovative shoring systems.  This heavy duty version of Marcegaglia's SM8 scaffolding system is fabricated to perform in the toughest and demanding, fast track projects.



All Marcegaglia road and motorway safety barriers and guardrails, subdivided by function: for longitudinal barriers (single-sided guardrails), for bridge parapets, for median barriers and integrated noise protection and safety barriers.


All products are type tested and are built from top quality certified steel, subsequently hot-dip galvanised or pre-painted, in accordance with the relevant specific standards.

Marcegaglia Gulf can provide suitable Guardrail Supply and Insulation Solutions by extending its availability in the Middle-east Region.

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