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Latest projects secured by the Marcegaglia Gulf Team

We have exciting news that we would like to share from time to time.  From interesting projects that we are working on to new partnerships that we have formed.  We are constantly looking to grow and develop as a company.  


While scaffolding might be 4,000 years old and tube and coupler scaffolding over 100 years old, there are still opportunities to innovate.  Our approach to planning and engineering uses cutting edge 21st century technology.  This enables us to provide efficient, cost effective access and engineering solutions whether it is for a civil project, an industrial project, offshore or marine. 

NEWS FLASH 1 // National Museum of Qatar​


Marcegaglia Gulf secured the scaffolding for the external cladding of the new and iconic National Museum of Qatar project.  Marcegaglia Gulf was sellected by Hyundai Engineering and Construction due to the companies ability to design and engineer scaffolding using BIM software systems.


Marcegaglias SM8 scaffolding system is particularly suited to demanding, fast track projects.



NEWS FLASH 2 // Qatalum 2 year maintenance contract

Marcegaglia Gulf has secured a two year maintenance contract to supply access to QATALUM, Qatar's aluminium smelter.  Conditions in the smelter are demanding and special non-conductive GRP scaffolding is required in certain critical areas in the smelter.


Marcegaglia Gulf is an approved supplier of GRP scaffolding systems to QATALUM.

NEWS FLASH 3 // N-KOM 2 year maintenance contract​ 

All of Marcegaglia Gulf's scafolders are third party certified.  Marcegaglia's internal training programs and the use of Marcegaglias SM8 scaffolding system is critical to the quick turnaround of large gas carriers and VLCC's undergoing dry-docking at N-KOM.


Marcegaglia Guf is able to provide the high standard of service demanded by N-KOM and N-KOM's customers.

NEWS FLASH 4 // Cirque Du Soleil, Qatar 2013


For a second year in a row Marcegaglia Gulf has partnered with the world famous Cirque Du Soleil to install the grandstands for this prestigious show.


Time to install and dismantle is short and there is no time slippage allowed.  This is a job complex job that has to be done right first time.


Marcegaglia Gulf teams once again rose to the challenge and executed a complex project exactly to plan.

NEWS FLASH 5 // Alustar aluminium scaffolding​ 

The ALUSTAR scaffolding system is built on the highest HSE requirements, creating a good working environment with documented cost efficiency. High quality material, unique profile design and assembled without welding on specially developed ALUSTAR production machines makes ALUSTAR the strongest aluminium system in the world. ALUSTAR is certified for constructions class 6 (600 kilo per m2).

NEWS FLASH 6 // QP District Project 

Marcegaglia Gulf has secured a portion of the QP District Project scaffolding contract.  Due the the flexibility and speed of installation and dismantling of Marcegaglias SM8 Scaffolding system we are able to provide critical access well within the tight project time frame.


Once again, Marcegaglias SM8 Scaffolding has made a difference on another of Qatar's Mega Projects.

NEWS FLASH 7 // Best Employee 2014

Marcegaglia Gulf is proud to announce the Best Employee 2014 awarded by NKOM Qatar to Mr Subash Chandra Rai, for following NKOM rules and working safely with no incidents that also includes the entire team of Scaffolders that has put their hard effort to deliver and provide the Quality service throughout 2014.  .

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