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`Preform Formwork and SMP8 Shoring Systems Qatar

Marcegagia’s Preform formwork system has been used on many large projects in Europe.  Projects include underground metro stations, bridges and buildings.  The Preform formwork system includes versatile internal and external climbing systems.  Used in conjunction with Marcegagia’s SMP8 shoring system, you will have an easy to use, modular construction system that can easily handle the demands of 21st century, fast track construction projects. 

Preform Formwork


The PREFORM system features are:


  • Excellent flexibility 

  • the low number of connectors per square meter;

  • Interchangeable and connectable at any level

  • rapid erecting, dismantling and casing shifts

  • use of either steel planks or laminated casting panels

  • modules erected vertically and horizontally, overlaid or staggered

  • conical holes for connectors

  • reusable high quality casting finish using 18-mm multi-layer birch panel with 250 g/m² phenol coating.

  • the availability of complimentary systems for retaining walls and climbing castings.

SMP8 Shoring System Qatar


The SMP8 high-capacity shoring towers system stands out as one of the leading shoring systems in the market.  It is composed of high-resistance steel uprights with octagonal node plates onto which ledgers and braces are connected through a wedge clamp system.


This system allows shoring towers to expand in every direction and to adjust to every possible configuration.


The systems flexibility allows it to accommodate different spans, according to specific load capacities or complex design requirements.

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