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Marcegaglia Gulf has a professional Engineering department

Safety begins with Engineering.  Marcegaglia has an engineering department managed by a qualified European engineer.  Projects are analysed and detailed design grawings are produced with the required calculation reports.


Marcegaglia Gulf is able to model scaffolding design on the most popular BIM software.  The designs are then exported to our customers for review.  Anchor points are fine tuned and the installation and dismantling programs defined.


CAD drawings are used for industrial projects and Shut Down to produce 3D drawings.  Planning is improved and cost savings are made by maximising the use of scaffolding on site while minimising the size of the site team. 


Scafolding has been around for over 4,000 years.  System scaffolding and Tube and fitting scaffolding has been available for over 50 years and 100 years respectively.  


Innovation in our business comes through the innovative use of the latest design tools.  Costs are reduced by having the right type of access exactly when you require it, where you require it.



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