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Marcegaglia Gulf Company Profile

Marcegaglia Gulf is operating in Qatar since 2007 and is specialized in Design, Production, Installation servicing and rent of tube-coupler, pre-fabricated frame and Multi-level scaffolding systems; Propping and formworks system; Electromechanical lifting equipment; Steel structural systems; Space frames for large span roofing, Building site enclosures, prefabricated stands for sport and entertainment.

Marcegaglia is a private industrial group, founded in 1959, leader in the world in the steel transformation and metallurgical sector. It also operates in other manufacturing fields and in a wide range of other industrial and civil sectors, such as the building and infrastructure sector, home products, engineering, energy, tourism and services. Marcegaglia Gulf is owned by Italian Company Marcegaglia Buildtech that in turn is owned 100% by Marcegaglia Group.

The group has operations Worldwide with 6600 employees, 60 sales offices, 210 representations and 42 manufacturing plants covering 6.2 million square meters, where 5.6 Million tons of carbon and stainless steel products are manufactured everyday serving more than 15,000 customers. Activities in the steel sector (90%) and other business (10%) generated over 5.5 Billion € turnover in 2019 Founded in 1959 and fully owned by the Marcegaglia family the group is headquartered in Gazoldo Ippoliti, Italy.


Marcegaglia Gulf is run by highly educated staff sharing common vision and values working with team spirit in order to satisfy clients and meet our Group expectations. We plan our strategies to be a consistently growing company, by maintaining a level of excellence in service as well as exhibiting integrity, and teamwork to face the challenges of 21st century

In promoting our products and services, we work closely with our clients. Our professionally trained sales, engineering and business development team are qualified individuals who have an extensive working experience of the industrial & commercial sectors and Qatari market.

Our quality management system, in line with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008 version, addresses all functions and activities within the organization, which affect quality of the products and services.

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